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2620xm with cable modem

By runnerjosh2k ·
I am trying to configure a cisco 2620xm router connected to a cable modem. I only have the standard fe0/0 - console - aux ports, so I am trying to connect the cable modem to the aux port. I have configured the aux port and the fe0/0 port with the current ip address i was assigned from my isp. I am trying to figure out how to configure the nat on my router. I am assuming to put outside nat on the aux port and the inside nat on the fe0/0 port but the aux port won't take any of the nat statements....

I need some serious help...if anyone has any ideas that can help me out i am all ears.

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a single NIC 2620XM?

by CG IT In reply to 2620xm with cable modem

best bet would be to get an ethernet port WIC for it.

Better yet, dump the 2600 and get an 1811 ISR.

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Need an extra ethernet port.

by lallen0224 In reply to 2620xm with cable modem

I think it would be best to get an extra ethernet port eg. Cisco 2FE 2W 2 Port Fast Ethernet Network Module for your 2600xm router(ebay). One connecting to the cable modem and the other interface connecting to a switch.Try that hope it works

Good Luck

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