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    2Controllrs-HPUltra320-Dual & 641Array


    by jackiestinson ·

    2 Controllers in Proliant ML350G4P-HPUltra320-Dual & 641 Array-Optimal Configuration?-Have 5-72GB Drives and Ultrium230i Tape drive.
    All Hard-drives to the 641 Controller(1 Cable) and the Tape drive on On-Board Controller.
    The Vendor asks for the following(We have Windows 2003 Std R2 and SQL 2000 Server). They say SQL s/b configured utilizing 3 physical drives(1st Drive for System Files)(2nd for Data Files)(3rd houses Log Files). Is this the optimal way for SQL, or is Raid 5 going to be just as fast. Before I run Smart Start, I thought I should get opinions. We will be backing up Full Nightly

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      by cmiller5400 ·

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      I would definately be running in some sort of redundant configuration. If it were me, I would create a RAID5 array (RAID5e if the controller supports it) and then Partition 3 drives off of the array. Performance will be degraded on the RAID5 if you have alot of writes to the database, the reads however will be faster (this is a known fact of RAID5 arrays) Make sure that you designate one of the drives as a hot spare so that if one fails, it will automatically start the rebuild. This will give you about 216GB of storage space configured in a RAID5 array with hot spare.

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