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2k Domain Controller on cluster nodes ?

By tomhass ·
(Raising this again -with more points).

Have 2-node Win2k (could be 2003) clustered Servers (for SQL cluster). Money/logistics says we cannot have any my servers - dilemma is that we need Domain Controller services - therefore need to find detailed gotcha list for running DC on cluster nodes. Conflicting info so far doesn't help:-

1. Microsoft article says can cluster DCs but have to go through a few hoops.
2. Many other articles either say can't or don't or best practice NOT to cluster DCs

Any advice/experiences greatly appreciated.



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by Churdoo In reply to 2k Domain Controller on c ...

Do yourself a favor and listen to point number 2.
Here's what I see and you tell me if I'm close.
Company needs the SQL and doesn't give a crap about AD (but SQL needs AD); but also, company is tight with the $$$. Ok fine, we've all got those.

BUT! Company (and you) will be doing a disservice by trying to cluster the DC. Sure MS says you can do it, but at what cost of ownership??? Let's face it, that's the bottom line, cost of ownership .... your time to set it up and your time to maintain it, and their lost time when something is hosed.

Keep the DC's off the cluster! I don't care if you have to resurrect a couple of (notice I said two) workstations from the basement to run the AD. Get the two best anything that you can get so you have AD off the cluster; i.e. AD and DNS, and do it that way. Yes you will take a little performance hit, but it doesn't sound like that's your company's main concern .... it sounds like 'availability' is, and that's why you want a second DC and DNS.

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by tomhass In reply to

Thanks for the response - I am going to accept this as you answered the main points. I was actually looking for a list - a kinda "top ten reasons not to cluster DC" but I'll ask for that in another question about active/active support in Compaq DL380G3 cluster...coming soon ;-)

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by tomhass In reply to 2k Domain Controller on c ...

Thanks - will accept any informative answer including this one - hopefully I'll get a few more replies.

Response Answer 1 - looks like DC cluster idea kinda defeats objective of high availability but is there a checklist on what would need to be done to recover ? Also...why does SQL need AD - if that is the killer then maybe we can run DC without AD ?

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by tomhass In reply to 2k Domain Controller on c ...

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