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2K domain & NT 4.0 domain on same wire.

By Schick ·
This is a simple question and I know the answer, but I cannot find any published documentation to support the answer. (common sense need not apply)Any help would be appriciated.

My company currently runs NT 4.0 domain. I want to bring up a "seperate/new" 2K domain and turn on AD. They will share the same subnets. My boss is afraid that the new 2K AD domain will "take over" the current 4.0 domain, mess up the DNS, WINS, Exchange, promote the PDC, and BDCs.

Well I have set up a test labwith a NT 4.0 domain, a few clients, also a 2K AD domian with clients, on the same IP setup all connected, trusts working etc...No problems, no mutiny against the 4.0, like I said to begin with.

Well I have to write up a technical point paper, with the results of my test lab, WITH references from a published source before I can bring online the new seperate 2K AD domain.

In all documentation that I have read, found..has to do with migration, and promotion of your current domain. Nothing on "yes you can have two seperate domains (NT 4.0 and 2K)on a single wire"

Any help would be greatly appriciated.

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