2K Server Inaccessible User Account

By rec007 ·

I'm running Microsoft 2K Server, I can add users and update their accounts. BUT my users have no connectivity to my network. Error message: username or password cannot be found. Any suggestions?


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Start with basics

by brothertech In reply to 2K Server Inaccessible Us ...

Please forgive me if I am being too basic but . . .

Check the following:
1. Are you running Active Directory or workgroup?
2. Is each PC participating in the domain?
3. Can the PC's browse the internet when logged in locally?
4. Can the administrator log in on the PC?
5. Is the IP scheme setup properly? i.e. DHCP or static matched with each workstation?

As you can see I am looking to answer the following questions:
1. Is there physical connectivity to the network?
2. Is IP scheme correct?
3. Is it a case of workgroup and domain affiliation mismatch?
4. Is PC's DNS pointing to the server?

Let me know

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New User Accounts

by rec007 In reply to Start with basics

1. Each PC is participating in the domain.
2. PC's browse the internet when logged in locally or via domain.
3. The administrator can log in on the PC.
4. But, any new account created cannot access the network.

1. There is physical connectivity to the network.
2. IP scheme is correct.
3. PC's DNS is pointing to the server.

I'm sorry but I don't think I mentioned my Active Directory was working just fine on Wednesday night. However, when I returned on Monday(yesterday) when I attempted to create new users they had no connectivity to the network. At present I can update and edit accounts prior to Monday.

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user accounts

by naomi In reply to New User Accounts

you can either repair the DNS or if it doesnt work, configure the DNS forwarders and see if it works

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