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    2K server won’t route 1 xp client to net


    by jm ·

    I have a school that purchased several XP Pro PC’s and a 2K server. All the PC’s except 1 can access the internet. I can ping nic) in the server but cannot ping nic). All other PC’s can, and all the PC’s are exactly the same(same model, same OS, etc…). All PC IP config is identical except the unique IP of each PC. No DHCP is used. Routing is enabled on the server. The IP config and routing layout is as follows:

    XP client with static IP (

    2K Server:
    2 nic’s
    Nic 1:

    Nic 2:

    Server runs SurfControl for internet filtering.
    Currently no Firewall software running.
    All MS patches installed.

    Cable/DSL Router:
    Built in Firewall and NAT enabled.
    DHCP is Disabled
    Public IP assigned by ISP

    OK, the route is:
    From XP client( to 24 port switch
    From switch to 2K Server -Private (
    From 2K server -Public ( to Cable router (
    From Cable Router (Public IP) to cable modem
    Cable modem to ISP.

    So, why can all PC’s EXCEPT 1 see the Public NIC in the server? I have tried a different IP address too. And diferrent ports on the switch. OH, one thing that is proof that the server is to blame: I can give the PC an IP of and plug it directly into the router’s private side (it has a 4port switch on it) and I can get to the internet, no problem – just bypass the server.


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      Reply To: 2K server won’t route 1 xp client to net

      by tictag ·

      In reply to 2K server won’t route 1 xp client to net

      1. Change the NIC
      2. IP address conflict?
      3. XP firewall enabled and incorrectly configured on clients LAN adapter?
      4. Client adapter bindings?
      5. Enable Network Monitor on client and server and capture traffic. Analyse.
      6. Event log entire on client and server?

      Good luck

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      Reply To: 2K server won’t route 1 xp client to net

      by voldar ·

      In reply to 2K server won’t route 1 xp client to net

      Hmmm .. How many computers do you have on the LAN? How many CAL’s do you have? Maybe one of the computers – the one that can’t get to the internet don’t have the right to connect on the domain because of the lack of CAL. (Client Acces License). It’s just a question because you said you can access the internet if you bypass the server.

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