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    2K3 Term server only connects shared printers


    by msd ·


    As I have understood, according to MS, A Terminal server client should only get his local printers connected in the TS session. I am, however experiencing the rather strange problem that only Network printers get connected, whereas locally attached printers do not.
    So, we have a remote office with three computers, all connecting via TS client. One computer has a Laserprinter connected to LPT1, and the two other computers are printing correctely over the LAN. When connecting to TS, only the two computers are recieving the redirected printer in the session, when the last computer which is sharing the printer does not have it.
    Anyone experienced this ? Anyone know of a solution? Searched MS KB for no avail. TS server is running 2003, and clients are 2000 prof. All with latest service packs.

    Thanks in adv.

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      Reply To: 2K3 Term server only connects shared printers

      by blaznt ·

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      Ok this could be 2 things or even both of them.
      1. No driver installed on the local server for the printer in question.
      2. In AD the Connect to client printers is not checked.
      Hope this works.

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