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    2nd hard drive not detected on 1st boot


    by jennifer.mackown ·

    Hi all.

    I have recently installed a second 500gb (Samsng) SATA hard drive, alongside my older 250gb (Maxtor) SATA drive.
    The 250 is fine, always has been, it has my OS on and is lovely. The second one is.. a puzzle.

    When I first boot up my machine, it does the memory test then tries to detect the hard drives. It finds the first (250) fine but doesn’t detect the second. However, if I restart the computer at that exact point, the second time time it tries to detect them, it finds it fine.
    After that, it boots into my OS and it works perfectly.

    It’s really annoying and I have NO idea why it’s doing it. Can anyone help?


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