2nd HDD Disappearing Normal in Win7?

By tentaro ·
I am running the 7100RC first of and I have the power saver for hard drives set to never power down. I am unclear what else could be causing this problem. Is there another setting somewhere that tells the drive to turn off? The problem is that I use this drive as a storage drive and also my DVR drive. it is disappearing/powering down during recording of TV shows. It happened 3 times last night but I have now been running for almost 2 hours and no problem and prior to this was running great for a few weeks straight. Unfortunately, I had this problem a few weeks back and instead of doing what I should have done...I panicked like a normal everyday user and formatted the drive and lost everything (except for the real important stuff backed up to DVDs) instead of just cycling power on my PC to get the drive back and going from there. I have since learned from that mistake but the problem has returned. Is it possibly a drive problem? The only thing is that I ran Vista x64 with no problems a couple of weeks ago(I had been running forever). I thought it might be some kind of IDE problem as well but the CD Burner is still available on that same controller/cable, which "should" mean it is not controller related but just to verify, if I get this problem again before anyone answers, I am gonna switch to the other controller and see what happens.

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I would....

by ---TK--- In reply to 2nd HDD Disappearing Norm ...

One thing I always do when I first install an OS is go into the power saving options and turn them all off, and I am pretty sure that Win 7 has turn off drives after so long if they are not active (default), change that to never...

I am running the same version as you, and I have two Data drives. I have not had that issue. I would also check the power connection to the drive, vibration of the PC could wiggle it loose (wouldn't be the first time).

Another thing to think about is heat. If the drive is a few years old, it might be starting to go out, so I would suggest start preparing for the worst... Or maybe look for drives on sale... Heat is a PC's worst enemy, it causes parts to expand, and when it cools down the expanded parts contract, which makes them appear to be normal again... Just a thought...

Best of luck!

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"I am running the 7100RC"

by cpubymike In reply to 2nd HDD Disappearing Norm ...

Win 7 RC is past its doomsday date and does a memory dump every two hours.

If you need a multimedia DVR on the cheap as in free and beer and all that

try installing Mythbuntu.

you can review it on their forums and run the live disk and play around with it till your shure its what you need.

If you use and you are sure your system is set up the way you like it

use Remastersys Backup to make a new iso image of your system that will give you a custom spin on what you have already done.

If your chained to Windows re-install xp or whatever os came on your machine and look for a free/opensource/shareware version of your DVR software

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I'm sorry but that is blatantly wrong ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to "I am running the 7100RC"

The Windows 7RC will not start to exhibit odd behaviour every 2 hours until after March 31st, 2010 and at that time, it won't just shut down individual drives - it'll shutdown completely.

It will not function at all after the end of June 2010.

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very odd

by tentaro In reply to I'm sorry but that is bla ...

Ok I can't get the same results again even running everything the same. It's really strange. Here is a really odd bit of info not sure if this could cause it (doubtful but not certain) is it but it is an odd coincidence. I was trying to record a show from TruTV. The cables DVR downstairs was also set up to record it which I wasn't aware of at the time. Both of the times I tried to record this show, is when the problem occured but I didn't connect it until later the next day when someone was trying to watch it downstairs and said that it "recorded" and it showed 30 mins on the screen but it wouldn't play, like nothing was actually there. Anyway, I am already planning on the worst and looking at getting a new SATA drive to match my primary. Also I looked into Mythbuntu and just MythTv with Kubuntu (because Vista WMC support for Clear Qam sucks) and if Linux had better support for games I would jump on the bandwagon and run until the cows come home, but Windows has got my locked until that time. Which is why I am back to the Win7 RC until I get a real copy of it a bit later because this version of WMC worked great from the first second I set it up. Thanks for all the info.

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OK a couple of observations first

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to very odd

If this is a IDE Drive and your HDD with the OS on it is a SATA Drive if you replace the IDE Drive you will be unable to boot the system without doing another install of the OS.

The reason for this is because the Hardware treats any IDE Drive as the Primary Drive ahead of any SATA Drives and it is to the Primary Drive that the very first files are copied to when you start to install Windows and they are needed to point the Hardware to where the OS Resides. So no Primary Drive not Primary Boot Files and no Boot.

Instead of thinking that it is 7 turning the drive off how about a Software Conflict occurring and as that software crashes it kills the drive that it is saving data to. Sounds more likely to me that does,

Also before you do anything at all in relation to possible HDD problems you need to test the HDD with it's Makers Testing Utility which you can get from here just click on the Drive Makers Name.


Lets know if the drive fails the test. If it does you can then need to replace it as a Failing Drive but if ti doesn't fail the test there is nothing wrong with the drive.

Also if ti fails the test you need to remove the HDD and test again in another computer, if it passes the second Test the M'Board, Data Lead or Power Supply in the original computer are the problem not the actual HDD so whatever is faulty needs repairing.

I think that you'll find you have a Software Issue here that is brought to a head by attempting to Record the same thing on different platforms in different locations from the same source at the same time.


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by tentaro In reply to OK a couple of observatio ...

Well I ran the every test in the Seagate/Maxtor tools except Advanced(only because it might ruin the data already there) they all passed so I am liking the possibility of your other answer, since both times it has happened it was recording live tv in WMC. Thanks to all for the info. eventually gonna look into a SATA drive anyway to replace it.

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You're Welcome EOM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to thanks

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