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2nd Life for work???

By w2ktechman ·
Interesting looking at this. I was asked by my manager to look at this because she was invited into a meeting, that required an avatar. She said, apparently, many places that she deals with are now using 2nd life for meetings.
This seemed odd to me until she had explained that peoples attention is increased in these virtual meetings because, they have to control their character. Because of this, they need to focus on the meeting instead of checking emails, playing iPhone games, etc. It also allows more face to face type of interaction, and can cut costs of travel.

I havent visited much on TR recently, so if this has already been covered -- oh well.

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Ask what flavor of Kool-Aid she's drinking.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to 2nd Life for work???

Some outfits were trying to push this idea as a third-rate video conferencing system. I haven't heard of anyone taking the notion seriously for a couple of years.

It would be especially unproductive for SL newbies. They'd waste time figuring out how to use the site / app. If she's locked into doing this, I advise getting comfortable with it well before the meeting. Bumping into furniture doesn't make a good impression, whether physically or virtually.

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I never really gave 2nd life a look

by The Scummy One In reply to Ask what flavor of Kool-A ...

at all. I hit the website to check over a few things and started busting up laughing. Yes, she is locked into a meeting using this, and came to me to see if I thought it would be ok to install the SW on her system.
So now, I guess I gotta play around with it and see if it is something that they wanna use more often
geez, I never wanted to download this stuff in the first place

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I didn't like it

by Forum Surfer In reply to 2nd Life for work???

Seemed to be a bit of a nuisance. For awhile there, IBM was pushing it heavily and any IBM or IBM business partner conference calls took place in SL. Highly annoying. I think something a little more productively interactive (like Cisco's WebEx and the like) is far more productive. You can speak, chat, look, listen and collaberate until your heart is content. There's no avatar or virtual room, but you have what it takes to get the job done. Instead of trying to get people to put their iPhone down, call them out for playing with their silly little phone. I put mine down for meetings. The way I see it, if you don't have time to pay attention in a meeting you shouldn't even bother coming.


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Yeah, I read that there were business-only closed

by seanferd In reply to 2nd Life for work???

environments. I'll have to look for the article.

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Thats kind of bizarro

by AV . In reply to 2nd Life for work???

So instead of being distracted by their phones, they'll be distracted by their avatars. Oh, that'll work.

I'm not really familiar with 2nd life aside from a couple of things I read, but I don't think I could keep a straight face sitting in that meeting. I wouldn't want to be represented as an avatar either. Ok, maybe Xena Warrior Princess. :^0

Good to hear from you W2k. It has been awhile.


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