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    2nd Monitor goes blank


    by macivor ·

    Trying to setup 2nd monitor on Toshiba Satellite Pro A11 Notebook. As soon as I boot up the 2nd monitor (TFT LCD Monitor) it comes on with the Windows logo and then goes blank. How can I get it to stay on? The goal here is to expand my desktop to do work on graphics.Am Using Windows Xp. connected via VGA ports on both Notebook and new monitor.This Notebook is not online and never has been.

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      by macivor ·

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      Vid Card update

      by netwrk_admn ·

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      Is your video card drivers updated? Is this the first time you have tried this set up?

      Video driver software usually has a control panel you can tweak settings, if you have the right manufacturer. i would start there.

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        How to identify video card?

        by macivor ·

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        Thanks. Will try that first. How does one go about identifing the type of video card and manufacturer? And could I get the update online through another computer, then copy it over to this offline notebook?

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