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    2Wire Modem & Linksys WAP11


    by rweintra ·

    I have these two and was wondering, since the 2Wire modem has wireless capabilities, if it would be possible, since the WAP11 base is also a repeater, to use it solely as a repeater. To do this, would I connect the WAP11 to the computer, assign the MAC address from the 2Wire modem, then disconnect and reconnect it closer to where I need the signal? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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      by rweintra ·

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      Not likely….

      by maillists ·

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      I have worked w/ 2Wire and LinkSys equipment quite a bit in the past 2 years. My experience shows that while it is possible for a Linksys device to be a “CLient” in infrastructure mode to a 2wire device, it doesn’t work out well as a Peer or an AP. The other issue is that the 2Wire’s range is probably short enough that if you do get it associated as an AP, once you move it where you want it, it may not be able to connect to the 2wire.

      Most common used solution we see when a 2wire is involved:

      Use a wired connection from a Linksys router to the 2wire. Then use Linksys equipment such as AP’s and range extenders to connect to the Linksys’s wireless side. Disable the radio in the 2wire.

      This is generally true of mixing any brands, that you will want a wired connection between the 2 brands, and only use the same brand to connect wirelessly.

      Your mileage may vary…as some times you can get lucky and get the ap to work well…but usually you will have to do something like make sure both the 2Wire and the Linksys are operating on Lowest common denominator of supported protocols (802.11b usually.) And not running in a mixed mode.

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      That will do.

      by divina_hojas20 ·

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      YOu just set the same wireless settings on your WAP 11 device. Make sure the It’s the WIRELESS MAC Address of the 2wire you are going to use when you set the WAP 11 mode as wireless repeater. I believe the default IP address of the WAP11 device is

      If you example your 2wire modem has an IP address of, on the WAP11 side, the IP address would be ( default), and the default gateway would be the IP address of the 2wire modem, which is

      Just always remember that both devices must have identical wireless settings: same SSID, channel and encryption.



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