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I have install 2x client on a remote computer it has xpS3 and connecting to the Network via Cisco VPN and from there connecting to another remote connection via 2x client. The problem is after installing 2x client one of the call center software called scripter can not run, but the same computer if it is in LAN the scripter work fine. I uninstalled the 2x client from the remote computer and now the scripter does not work ether it use to work before installing the 2x client on the remote computer. Any idea what will be the problem?

Thank you

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Most VPN clients enforce a non-split tunnel

by robo_dev In reply to 2X Client

Thus ALL communication must go over the defined tunneled VPN interface.

Some applications do not behave properly, like they look to connect to a licensing server, or try to establish connectivity over an unexpected port or protocol.

If the computer works Ok on the LAN, then ANY ports and protocols are allowed, and ANY interface can be used.

When the application is working properly, goto a command prompt and type netstat, this tells you what connections are established at what ports.

Also type netstat -b

This tells you what process or program is doing the communication.

Now if you do the same command when the VPN is established, compare the two results...this will give some clues as to what is wrong. For example, some VPN clients add what are essentially firewall rules (e.g. no split tunneling), so if the port/protocol is being blocked, then the app will not work.

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