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    3″ CD problems


    by pegleg13 ·

    Can anyone tell me why a 3″ CD-RW disk can be read on one player and not another, even though the players are the same? I’ve recorded on a CDRW onto a 3″ disk and can’t get it to plat on most players. The players don’t recognize that there is a CDin the slot.

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      Player hardware

      by deadly ernest ·

      In reply to 3″ CD problems

      The CD player knows a CD is in it because of a sensor that is activated when the tray is shut. Some of the cd players are not able to sense a 3″ cd in the tray. Another problem is that sometimes the 3″ cd moves from dead centre whilst the tray is closing and thus the CD player thinks that the tray is empty. Also some of the oblong shaped discs are not recognised by all players as a valid cd to read due to the cut off tracks.

      I do not place a 3″ mini disc in a player unless it has a tray thathas one of the special little hollows for the 3″ discs. These usually have the sensors to recognise a 3″ disc and the hollow keeps it positioned right.

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