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3 class libraries: Wylix, wxWindows, QT

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In this week's Software Development newsletter, is Mike's assessment of the three libraries--Wylix, wxWindows, and QT--on the mark? Have you tried any of these libraries? If you have, what did you think? If you haven't, do you plan to try one of them in the future?

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Not the full Kylix story

by irongut In reply to 3 class libraries: Wylix, ...

Mike missed some info about Kylix...

Kylix is dual licensed and as well as the commercial products there is a free Open Edition which comes with the FreeCLX component library.

Also Kylix uses QT in the background, this is how Borland managed to port Delphi to Linux. I'm not sure about his statement that Kylix requires KDE because I've not used it yet.

Perhaps reading a bit more about the product might have been a good idea?


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wxPython Variant of wxWindows

by DanShafer In reply to 3 class libraries: Wylix, ...

It is probably worth mentioning that there is a
wxPython variant of wxWindows for folks who
don't want to muck about too much with the
complexities of the C++ innards in

Particularly given Python's broad usefulness
and quality for Net apps, I think wxPython may
be a better bet for lots of folks. After all, most
Net developers are used to Java or scripting
languages rather than C++.

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Non-Library Cross-Platform tool

by DanShafer In reply to 3 class libraries: Wylix, ...

This is slightly off-topic, but I couldn't help
myself. If you want to build cross-platform
deskltop apps with native look-and-feel with a
minimum of fuss and a maximum of easy
coding, check out Runtime Revolution at http:// is a product built on
MetaCard, a 10-year-old infrastructure that
was inspired by Apple's HyperCard. It is
powerful, flexible, and builds stand-alone
executables for all major platforms.

I am quite taken with it.

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