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3 Computer's Shutdown In 3 Minutes

By its_reflexed ·

Im A Computer Technician And i Have never come
across something this weird before now
last 3 computers i have worked on in the last 3 minutes shutdown for unknown reasons

1 shutdown once opening a excel file and clicking print

1 shutdown once opening outlook express and clicking on the inbox

1 shutdown once pressing a button on the keyboard

is this some new virus or trojan or something that has come out that im unwear about

each and every pc has the latest windows updates
virus updates
and each computer is windows xp home or pro
all with sp1
and latest updates virus updates definitions and all

why are they shutting down for printing
opening and even simply pressing a button

that happens on 3 computers and you think your in the matrix espessically when you have one as a customers 1 as yours and ones a mates

freaky but is there a solution
is it a virus

plz help
kind regards

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by aramos15 In reply to 3 Computer's Shutdown In ...

These are in the same place?
You say tree minutes, then you can make any other thing.
The blaster viruses do something like.
the cpu?s, send a message the system shutdown in any time?

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by its_reflexed In reply to

Confused Blaster Doesnt Cmd To Print At Shutdown Nor Append To The CPU

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by bwells47 In reply to 3 Computer's Shutdown In ...

This may sound like a dumb question, but is there a lot of static electricity surrounding you? Maybe you have a lot of spark? If you have all the virus protection going, and have all your virus updates, and windows updates, it's unlikely to be a virus. Does sound kinda freaky though. Maybe just a fluke. Run a thorough virus scan on all of them just to be sure, though. The symantic website has blaster virus removal tools (assuming you are running Norton's). I think Norton's the best. Good luck. Bev

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by its_reflexed In reply to

Yeah I Have NAV2004 And ZoneAlarm 5.0 Security Suite
And All The Windows Updates But The Thing is its really strange for it to happen to 3 computers in the same place all different and **** im confused
you noe what im saying wtf

latest av
latest updates
what else can you do

i dunno
thats microsoft i guess

thanks anyway pal for your time

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by bwells47 In reply to 3 Computer's Shutdown In ...

Hi. It's me again. I am really curious as to what is going on. Have you tried working on them again since the last time, when they all shut down, one after the other? You know sometimes if you just re-boot it cures a lot of things. Stranger things have happened. When it comes to computers, they do what they want, when they want, whatever they want. You know that, I'm sure.
I'd like to know the outcome. Please email me or respond at this site. Thanks. Bev

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by its_reflexed In reply to

I Dunno What Is Going On Hey So I Just Formatted Them All

Too Much Headache

Thanks Anyway

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by its_reflexed In reply to 3 Computer's Shutdown In ...

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