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3 issues with Win XP

By claire0277 ·
Hi All,
3 issues, I hope you can provide some good advice

I have a new Lap-Top with Win XP pro (English version).

1) The laptop was bought in one country (original language is Hebrew) and i am using it in the Netherlands. All installation and GUI is in English. regional settings is configured to Netherlands and in languages I removed Hebrew and have only English and dutch enabled. however, when login on, when prompted for password, the default language is still always set to HE. I need to do shift+alt in order to change keyboard to English before typing password. How can I change this so not have the Hebrew option at all?

2) I want to enable the log in using ctrl+alt+del. Went to control panel->users->change the way users log in and unchecked the two options. The result is I have a new look and feel for the login screen (which is what I wanted), I am prompted to enter a password, but I am not required to do ctrl+alt+del. How can I enable it? When going again to ctrl panel->users I have the exact same options and I don?t have an advanced tab with the option to enable the ctrl+alt+del feature. Please help!

3) under admin. tools->users I changed a user name from User1 to Jo. I changed both the name and the full long name. however, in different places in the computer I can see it pointing to the path?\User1\...
It is like there is a shadow user and the name change did not take place. Under admin tools->users there is no User1 any longer, only Jo. what to do?
I think this has impact on my outlook as well, since after installing outlook 2003 it automatically created 2 identical personal folders files (with the option to close the files disabled). Although I have 2 personal folders, when I look in data files there is only 1 .pst file, which is again pointing to the location ?\User1\.....
I can send mail but I cannot receive mail
What is going on? Why is User1 still appearing everywhere and how can I resolve this?

Thanks a lot!!

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to 3 issues with Win XP

OK I don't know if this will help but it's worth a try. You can rename your Computer to something different to its original by following the link

With a rename in a different Language & Region it may fix your problem or you may have to backup all your data and do a reload to get past this problem.


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by topmom5 In reply to 3 issues with Win XP

I would also suggest renaming the workgroup. If User1 is/was the Administrator account you will have more difficulty deleting it, and parts of it, as it would 'own' a lot of things.

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by claire0277 In reply to 3 issues with Win XP

Thanks, however, Answer #1 will help only issue 1 i assume? or all my 3 problems are inter-related and should be resolved by renaming the computer?

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by chris.langley57 In reply to 3 issues with Win XP

As far as Q3 goes, it seems the problem is caused by renaming an existing profile rather than by creating a new one in the name you require.

It might be better to create a brand new 'clean' account and copy any shortcuts, internet favourites, and data from My Documents etc. You would need to reconfigure your mail settings but this would avoid any references to the old/original windows profile for User1.

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by QueryEverything In reply to 3 issues with Win XP

Your ITEM 1:

In Control Panel Regional and Language Options, ensure Regional Options set to Netherlands, in Advanced tab Language for non-Unicode programs set to Netherlands and Default User Account Setting is ticked. Go into Languages tab and ensure all the Text Services have Netherlands as the default.

Your ITEM 2:
There are 2 methods of logging in, the old look and feel like Win2K which needs CTRL-ALT-DEL the input the username and password or the new look and feel of WinXP which presents a Welcome Screen with selectable icons/username.

From your description it looks like you are after a combination of the old and new but that is not possible with a vanilla WinXP installation, though there may be an application on the web that does this???

Your ITEM 3:
Windows in general does not seem to like such global changes to user profiles - if done, as you have found, the result is inconsistent. Probably due to the split nature of how a profile is stored in the Hives and across the filesystem. The only consistant method is to:
a. Ensure the default user profile contains all the global stuff you want every user to access.
b. Create a brand new user with a totally different username to that already in use.
c. Set the new user to be in the machine administrator group.
d. Login as the new user so all parts of the Hive and filesystem are filled.
e. Copy over any outstanding links/favourites etc from the old user.
f. Delete the old user and its associated profile, ensuring the selection to delete the user's directories is set.

You may need to change access rights to some areas if specific user rights were used instead of group rights.

Email problem - try re-configuring the user connection to the email server in toto. If you created a new clean profile you'll already have done that.

If the machine is part of a Domain and is logged on as such you are in a whole new ball-game - talk to your Doamin Admins.

Hope this helps.

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by Jcritch In reply to 3 issues with Win XP

Just a FYI, check the computer's default Bios language settings, good luck.

My family just returned from the Tulip Festival. They loved it.

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by XT John In reply to 3 issues with Win XP

In regards to question number 2, click on start>run and type in gpedit.msc . In the computer configuration area, expand the windows settings, security settings, and click on security options. Check the Interactive logon: Do not require CTRL + ALT + DEL setting. It may be set to Enabled, just change it to Disabled.

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by claire0277 In reply to

Poster rated this answer.
Answer was exactly correct!

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by claire0277 In reply to 3 issues with Win XP

Thanks a lot to you all!
Your input really helped and I resolved all my issues?
I will now close the question.

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by claire0277 In reply to 3 issues with Win XP

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