3 LCD connected to one pc?! may anyone help?

By R_O_L_A_N_D ·
Hi all,
i have a certain requierment of getting 3 lcd screens connected to the same pc and reflecting the same image!
i have a piv pc with intel 945 board..
with a builtin 128 mb..
and i bought a 2 way DVI 512 mb VGa..
now i have 3 ports!
with 3 lcds!
but the problem is whenever i boot the pc.. the dual vga takes precedence and it only works by itself!
and not the way i thought my setup would (both vgas giving output to the 3 lcds together)

any advice about what i might do to fix this?!

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Which connection is to which port?

by OldER Mycroft In reply to 3 LCD connected to one pc ...

Can you describe in a bit more detail?

If the dual vga is taking precedence, which port is this plugged into?

Also "with a builtin 128 mb.." - 128MB what?

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Your going about this the wrong way

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to 3 LCD connected to one pc ...

Pull the Plug In Video Card and turf it as it's not needed.

Go out and get a Powered 3 way splitter and connect it between the computer and the Monitors. This will allow the same image to be on every screen and not suck any power out of the computer in the process.

You can not generally speaking use On Board and Plug In Video at the same time because the Plug In Card takes precedence over the On Board Video and the On Board is Disabled. Also you can not get the same picture on both monitors with a Dual Head Video Card. Different Monitors will have differed pictures. The systems are designed like this to enable the use of Dual Monitors to enhance the work environment.

If you must use a Video Card you'll need room for 3 of them and you'll need to buy another 2 and fit them to the M'Board to get the same picture on all screens.


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If you are looking to

by w2ktechman In reply to 3 LCD connected to one pc ...

extend the desktop over 3 monitors, it would depend (HW) on what the OS is and what cards are used.

If the built in card is PCI-e and you add a PCI-e card, the on-board will be disabeled. However, you can add a PCI card and then set preferences in the BIOS (and re-enable the on-board). This works in Win XP.
In Vista, only 1 driver can be used for all video output. So it is best to get a 4-monitor card and be done with it.

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