3 or more login to server via RDP

By jp4par ·
We RDP into our servers a lot for various reasons, but when 2 people are in and a third connects, it kicks one out. We'd like to be able to have 3 and sometimes 4 people RDP into the same server simultaneously. We have 1 server setup as a license server with 100 per user licenses for our Citrix farm. So I setup one of the other servers, as a test, to use per user licensing instead of the default RDP licensing. Then I pointed it to the licensing server - there are plenty of licenses available. But when I tested it, I'm able to get 2 computers RDP'd into it and when the third connects, it kicks one of the others out. I don't understand. Shouldn't I be able to use the available licenses for RDP connections?

The servers are all Win2003 in AD and the DC is not involved in the equation. I'm using the domain admin account in all testing.

Any advice/help will be appreciated.


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Terminal Services

by bens In reply to 3 or more login to server ...

It sounds like you might have a terminal services licensing server, but you haven't enabled the server you RDP into as a 'Terminal Server'. This is just a matter of adding it in Add/Remove Programs > Windows Components. To be honest, I'm not familiar with Citrix licensing and its uses, but with our MS Terminal server, we have a dedicated Licensing server with MS Terminal Services CALs. Not sure if those CALs are the same with Citrix or not. Server 03 only supports 2 concurrent RDP sessions without Terminal Services enabled.

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You are using RDP in administration mode.

by 1bn0 In reply to Terminal Services

You are allowed 2 concurrent RDP sessions per server by default.

After that you need to configure and install licensing for Windows Terminal Services.

Citrix offers the same type of setup but uses Non Microsoft software and licensing. I believe you would have to install Citrix on each server before you could operate using your current Citrix licenses.

Remote Desktop supports two concurrent connections to remotely administer a computer. You do not need a license server for these connections

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by cmiller5400 In reply to You are using RDP in admi ...

The kicker is that in addition to the Citrix licensing, you need to buy MS terminal server licenses as well depending on the version of the Server and the client.

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RE: Terminal Services

by jp4par In reply to Terminal Services

It's working now. I guess there was a delay - and I was unsure if the changes I was making were actually going to do it. Thanks for the confirmation.

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