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By wancona ·
I have a friend who is a network admin for an elementary school. He said he has set up the network so that every student has the same desktop and icons on the desktop. First, what is it he is doing? I never heard of it.

Secondly, he says that one icon that he places on the server for the "universal" desktop is not able to be seen on the students desktop, does anyone know why it might not be able to be viewed?

Third, if you not, can anyone point me in the direction of information about the correct setup of this "universal" desktop?

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by tintoman In reply to 3 part question... deskto ...

Has been shifted to the server
Therefore everyone who logs on is using the same profile
No doubt group policy is hiding the "unseen" icon
If you are having any thoughts about trying to change it group policy will no doubt prevent you from doing so as well

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Added to server

by wancona In reply to All user profile

The "unseen" icon was added to "universal" profile on the server. Most icons are being shown, wuch as the different Microsoft Office Suites, but he also has a learning software on each computer, and wanted the icons, to be displayed on the desktop. When he adds it to the server it isn't being seen on the student computers. Why might that be?

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if he wants to make changes to the profile

by tintoman In reply to Added to server

He will have to set it up again with all the icons he wants to see then copy the profile to the folder on the server where the original profile is kept and overwrite the original

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by wancona In reply to if he wants to make chang ...

I've never set this up before, where can i find information on how to correctly set up and configure the "setting"

Is it in Group Policy"

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go to Microsoft Help and Support

by CG IT In reply to information

or go to Microsoft Technet.

use mandatory profiles as a search parameter.

Mandatory profiles are profiles that can not be changed, no matter what a user does to the desktop.

also use mandatory profiles in group policy as a search parameter.

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