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3 pc + hub + internet +internal network

By koko122333 ·
appreciate your help with the following : 3 pcs connectied to a hub, a adsl router is connected to this hub too. 2 pcs running xp home the 3rd xp pro and printer is connected to this one. clint for microsoft, file & print shering are installed on each pc. tc/ip is set to get auto. ip on each one. i can brows the internet fron each one with no problem. i also want to network all these 3 pcs so i can use the printer connected to the 3rd pc. i shared the printer & under tcp/ip "alternet network" i entred ip of to 1rst pc to 2nd pc and 3rd pc.( and run the "setup home or small network". i cant see the network/ cant access any pc. loged on as administrator on all pcs. no fire wall on any connection. also cant ping any pc from any pc(timed out)but can ping the router from all pcs.router ip is
and "ipconfig" on each pc i get ip of and appreciate your help. thank you very much in advance.

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by BFilmFan In reply to 3 pc + hub + internet +in ...

The systems are getting IP addresses from DHCP. Unless you have 2 network cards in each of these systems, you shouldn't attempt to set up an additional IP address.

Use the DHCP assigned address.
Set up the shares on each PC. Note that unless you are in a domain, users will have to authenticate to the resources when they desire to use them. This is the way Windows Workgroups function.

That should resolve your IP dilemma.

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by rob.lay In reply to 3 pc + hub + internet +in ...

Another option would be to turn off the DHCP service on your ADSL router and then assign IP addresses to all the clients and the LAN interface of the router statically. This way you have complete control over the addressing on the network. For such a small number of units this would be a feasible alternative. You can then share the printer on pc3 and install a shared network printer on the other 2. Hope this helps.

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by CG IT In reply to 3 pc + hub + internet +in ...

first is that all the computers have to be in the same workgroup. So create a Workgroup name like Home or HomeOffice and join each computer to that workgroup name. next is create user accounts and put each user account on every machine [note users who change passwords will lose access to shared items until the new password is on all computers within the workgroup.

I would use the router DHCP service to assign IP addresses to each computer [but you can get away with static address since theres only 3 computers]. Since your router address is subnet mask you have 253 addresses you can choose from. So either assign one and use the router IP address as the default gateway and your ISP DNS servers addresses for DNS or use the router DHCP and set the computers to obtain an address automatically [the router will provide the default gateway and your ISPs DNS addresses automatically].

Next is turn OFF NetBIOS over TCP/IP and just use TCP/IP since your running all XP boxes [don't need NetBIOS unless your running W98 boxes].

Share out the printer and from one of the PCs log in as an administrator and add a printer using the add printer wizard. choose network printer and browse the workgroup to find the printer. Should automatically install drivers and the shared printer.

Thats all there is to it. Important Note: If you have firewalls on each PC you'll have to add a range of IP addresses into the trusted zone of each comps firewalls for TCP/IP and UDP traffic all ports.


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by hanumantpratap In reply to 3 pc + hub + internet +in ...

I think u have to ask ur net net provider that how many ip blocks is provided u on ur router ethernet port i think for three PC's it should be n the subnet is so u have to put in ur 1st pc & in 2nd & in 3rd one then after u able to used net through by ur all pc & also be able to communicate between them

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