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3 pcs hub adsl modem & DNS

By koko122333 ·
Can some one please help me understand the following configuration
3 pcs + 1 ADSL modem (alcatel) all connected to a HUB. 2 pcs
running XP 1 pc W98. on each pc the DNS is set to
and every one is able to brows the internet
how this configuration is working?
And what is this DNS (I am not looking for the meaning of DNS)
Thank you very much in advance

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by jschein In reply to 3 pcs hub adsl modem & DN ...

That DNS (Domain Name Server) is the DNS # for the internet hosting company. No DNS = NO WEB.

All that is, is that someone manually put that # in probably because they don't know how to setup DHCP or don't have the means to without a router.

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by grimzbane In reply to 3 pcs hub adsl modem & DN ...

as long as they are all connected to the hub and each is running tcp/ip protocol they can get on the internet.. but without a DNS it is useless. Normally using a router you would input the DNS somewhere so it propogates to the pc's, but with a hub it would have to be entered manually.
The DNS is at least that is what the trace route told me.

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by wlbowers In reply to 3 pcs hub adsl modem & DN ...

The internet workes with numbers. Tcpip addressing. But as you notice most folks hunt down their favorite search engine by their name.

Your ISP uses a dns server. When you type The DNS server for your isp converts the name "" to the actual tcpip "".


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by wlbowers In reply to 3 pcs hub adsl modem & DN ...

You actually do need the defination of DNS or you would not need to ask that question.

The internet structure is based on TCP/IP addressing. Every device or site location on the internet is assigned a TCP/IP address.

Question: How does "" translate into

Answer DNS. Now go to google and type the following.

define: DNS

and press enter. Because there is just to much to read for us to get into 2000 characters.

Nuff Said

Good Luck Lee

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