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3 Programming Habits Programmers MUST Adopt

This is again from my stand point of view.Learning programming is fun and simple, but writing a fantastic program can prove to be a challenging task. Typically, we find ourselves constantly scratching our heads trying to understand the spaghetti code we wrote or making a great deal of changes just due to a recently added minor attribute .

These results can bring our confidence down but in actuality, they can be solved with appropriate development practices. Here are 3 worthy habits to invest into write cleaner and brighter code with less effort.I gather this in last 8 years as managing structure.So let manage programmers :). Let us start developing these habits now!
First habit is that you must make Human Friendly code because you write soft and app for humans.
Second habit you should adopt is that you must have some kind of organizational skills.Organization is all when you program.
And last one is that you must have plan for everything.It's imperative to know just what to do until you hit the first key. In the programming world, it's important to plan ahead. Composing a fixed navigation menu is simple, but what if the menu has to be responsive while being able to minimize itself when people scroll down the page?

Starting to code without a transparent procedure in your mind will often lead to retries, burnouts, and a melancholy loop.

So rather than difficulty and programming the parallel manner, it is far simpler to work out the process first, then compose a solution.
Hope I helped some how.

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