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3 Windows XP quest.s from a Mac convert

By winmorgan ·
Probably seems like small change, but I'm so used to dealing with a Mac that I'd like to know if it's possible to do the following:

1. Close a window at the same time you open the file within it--e.g., on Mac you hold down the Option key while double clicking the file and the file opens and the folder window containing it closes. I can't figure out if it's poss. in Windows XP Pro. That means the file gets open but there's then a background window to be gotten rid of.

2. Is ther ANY way to not have an app open its own big window which takes up the desktop? What I mean is, in Mac, if you have a Word document open and close it, Word is still running, but there's nothing on your desktop. In Windows, if you close the Word doc you'reworking on, there's a big grey window which then has to be minimized to get it off the desktop. Way too many clicks.

3. Is there any EASY way to change icons, as there is on the Mac? I can change them OK using Windows, but it actually takes about 12 or more clicks to do so (R-click the folder, Properties, Customize, Change Icon, Browse (always starting in the same, non-used folder of lame Windows icons), Select, Apply, OK. Oy vey. Any faster way? I tried a utility that claimed to do it, but it wouldn't work with XP, only with Windows 2000 or before.

Any and all help gratefully appreciated,


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3 Windows XP quest.s from a Mac convert

by TheChas In reply to 3 Windows XP quest.s from ...

1. 2 work-arounds;
a. use the run dialog box from the start button to browse for your file. You will need to change the file type at the bottom of the window to "all".
b. use your recent files option from the start menu. (this only works for files that you have opened recently)

2. No way that I know of. Even if you used a file viewer instead of Word, the file viewer would remain on the desktop.
You can click on the close / exit icon for Word, and you should be prompted to save the document before closing the program.

3. If you are referring to ICONs for files/folders, there is no quick/easy way to change these. In fact, it is nearly impossible in earlier versions of Windows.

As to more ICON options, just search the web for icons. There are a number of sites that have ICONS that you can download. (of course, it takes extra clicks to change from the "default" icon library to one of your choosing)


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3 Windows XP quest.s from a Mac convert

by winmorgan In reply to 3 Windows XP quest.s from ...

The answer didn't help, although I think that's a limitation of Windows, not of your answer. Thanks for trying. Windows just seems to be a poorly thought out system with which I'm now stuck. I remain hopeful someone may know of some utilities or third-party programs that'll help with these problems.

Best regards,


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