300GB External Hard drive

By Phantomtomcat ·
Alrighty so I had this 300 GB external hard drive on another computer for about 6 months, then all of a sudden it quit working, my computer wouldn't recognize it. Well i eventually had to reformat, lost everything and then it still wouldn't work, well we recently hooked it up a new computer, and it seemed to work fine. I transfered some pictures just to test it, and it worked fine. 3 weeks later when i hook it up to back up some files, I see it, and I can click on it, but as soon as I do the window closes and it gives the sound like i disconnected the device, but then it pops back up again. I try to transfer files, says incorrect path or some error message saying it isn't there. What can i do to fix this? IN my computer it's mybook K:

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This sounds like

by The Scummy One In reply to 300GB External Hard drive

either the contoller board for the HDD is malfunctioning, or the connection inside of the external case is loose, or even that the external case is malfunctioning.

Your options to try to save the drive -- get a USB adapter and remove it from the case -- try it without the external case.
If it is still problematic, get an identical drive and change controller bards.
However the recommended route
get a new HDD

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Preferably not an external drive ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to This sounds like

I don't trust external HDDs unless their SOLE USE is for holding backups.

ANY form of use that involves a usage pattern heavier than the occasional backup (after which the HDD is disconnected and put away until next required) should be on a HDD that is an internal model.

External drives are IMHO constantly misused, users become reliant on 'all that free space' and leave them connected constantly. This leads to shutdowns and booting up with the external drive still connected, normal everyday activity exposing the drive to knocks and vibrations, temperature fluctuations, over-heating, - all the things it was never designed to cope with.

If a user needs a large drive for extra storage space it should always be an internal HDD.


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I'm with you on that one

by Jacky Howe In reply to Preferably not an externa ...

the users can get pretty complacent with the use of external drives. They are fine for the odd Backup but not for fulltime use.

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The first thing that you Must Do with Every HDD

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to 300GB External Hard drive

Is test it with it's makers Testing utility before going any further.


It is absolutely pointless to do anything else with one of these until you know that it is actually working correctly.

Then you have to look at where it is located. There are many things that will cause these drives to stop working correctly the most obvious is the type of Enclosure that it is in. Plastic ones do not allow the drives to shed heat as they are running or protect the drives from Interference from various Radiated Signals like Cell Phones and other Wireless devices.

You should also make sure that the Enclosure is not placed in Direct Sunlight or subject to Vibrations as this will destroy HDD's very quickly.

The only External Drive type that I am comfortable in using are the type called NAS or Network Attached Storage where the actual Enclosure is big heavy actively cooled and shielded. Anything less is just for part time use and even then in very short bouts with long times between uses.

This is true for all External Enclosed Drives no matter what the Salesperson says.


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