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3389 on sonicwall soho3

By st0neganesa ·
I have a network of less than 10 comps, connected to dsl via a 16port switch and a Sonicwall Soho3 firewall. I have been trying to get remote desktop (3389) working on one of the computers. I have tried to one to one NAT the internal ip to our external ip x.x.x.x, however this takes the computer off of the internet. I then tried setting the tcp/ip settings for that machine, no avail. I thought that perhaps i could forward the port 3389 to from our dsl public ip. However the SOHO3 doesnt offer port forwarding apparently. Any ideas on how i can get 3389 to get to this computer (we do have an extra static ip, other than the one for the dsl router)? Any other options than port forwarding? If NAT should work, what settings might i check to get that machine to connect to the inet? Any clues? Appreciated

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by CG IT In reply to 3389 on sonicwall soho3

PPTP pass through allowed on the SonicWall. port forward 3389 to the local LAN workstation IP address.

here's a MS link

here's a link for remote desktop client software

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by cliff680 In reply to 3389 on sonicwall soho3

You need to do the following on the Sonicwall. I am assuming that you are trying to get external access and have a static external address on the SOHO3.
1. Login into the SOnicwall and click on Access, then click on the Add Service tab. Under add a known service, select Terminal Services and click Add.
2. Click on the Rules tab (also in the Access section). Click on Add New Rule. Select Action Allow and select Terminal Services in the Service drop down. For Source select WAN and leave the address Range *. For Destination select LAN and trpe in the local IP for that PC under bioh the begin and end range. After you put this all in click on update.
3. You should see this new rule in the list of rules now.
You should now be able to RDP into that PC as long as you setup that PC to allow incoming RDP connections.

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by cliff680 In reply to

To get into the PC externally you will need to go to an external pc and launch Remote Desktopand type in the Sonicwall's external IP address followed by a colon 3389.
For example

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multiple PC/server using Terminal Services

by orcsattheg8 In reply to

If you have several hosts inside and want to allow RDP access to those hosts, do you have to create rules for each host with an associated port, or just one rule for all. If one rule for all, then how do you address the RDP connection using the SonicWall ext ip and indicate the internal host?

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