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3.5 hdd to 2.5 hdd ide cable

By higdonjeff ·
I have a 40GB desktop hdd which has XP and a graphics program on it that I need to use. I've read about connecting via USB but I need to boot from this drive and I can't find my XP cd in order to make the disc bootable via USB. The only alternative I can think of is boot from my laptop's ide cable but I can't find an adapter for that. I can buy an adapter to provide the power but not the connection I need. Anybody have any suggestions? Oh yeah, I have the cd for the graphics program but it won't install in Vista which is what I have on my laptop. ...And I can't use Virtual Machine either because again...I need my XP cd!!! Can anyone help???

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I doubt if you will be successful ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to 3.5 hdd to 2.5 hdd ide c ...

Because as soon as you connect the 3.5 to the 2.5 interface, you are assuming that the laptop will be able to boot into XP - it won't.

The XP installation that exists on the 3.5 has a HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) that was constructed during the initial install based on the motherboard and chipset inside the desktop PC.

Your laptop will present unrecognisable alien territory to the XP install and the boot will fail.

Is there any particular reason why you cannot boot the 3.5 inside the desktop PC?

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by osaka35 In reply to I doubt if you will be su ...

OldER Mycroft has it right. You cannot simply switch a harddrive with an installed OS to another computer and have it run. Doesn't work that way.

To answer your question, I'm assuming by "ide" you mean pata. ide can mean either sata or pata, though is more commonly used to refer to pata.

that being said, sata doesn't need an adapter. for pata, you can search for "Laptop 2.5" to Desktop 3.5" IDE Hard Drive Adapter Converter" on your favorite hardware website to find that particular adapter.

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true, but

by .Martin. In reply to agreed

a lot of Linux distro don't suffer this problem, making them a lot more flexible

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Actually, I've had considerable success doing this.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I doubt if you will be su ...

The trick is to install or otherwise connect the HD but DON'T initially boot from it!!!

Instead, insert your Windows CD and boot from that. Run the Install with the Repair option. This will change the HAL to match the new hardware. After the install / repair is complete, the system will boot from the HD.

Caveats: Back the d@mn thing up before you start. If the hardware is very new or unusual, all the hardware drivers necessary to boot may not be present on the XP installation CD. Be sure you have as many drivers available before you start the process. At a minimum, have the network card drivers. Be sure to check Device Manager for any non-responsive devices.

If you are doing all this prior to upgrading the OS on the drive, upgrade the OS with the drive in the original system BEFORE you move the drive to the new one. It's more likely the new OS will have drivers for the old system than XP having drivers for the new one. It's also easier to perform the re-install with the newest OS possible since it's likely to have the drivers for the new hardware. DON'T try running the Install / Repair with a newer OS than the one that's on the drive.

I've done this on about a dozen machines and had success on nine or ten of them.

Did I mention backing the HD up first? I though so.

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What is this graphics program that won't install in Vista?..

by OldER Mycroft In reply to 3.5 hdd to 2.5 hdd ide c ...

I'm curious - there might be a workaround.

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Firstly there is no such beast as a 2.5 to 3.5 Adapter

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to 3.5 hdd to 2.5 hdd ide c ...

Mainly because the 2.5 Inch drives run on 5 V DC and the 3.5 Inch Drives require 12 V DC to run. You can not get 12 Volts from a 5 Volt Source it's that simple.

Here you need a NB that can boot from a USB Device and fit your HDD to a Suitable USB Enclosure with it's own Power Supply. Then set the BIOS to boot from USB before anything else and that's all that is required to run from this drive.

However as stated above you need to have had XP installed on this NB previously as it can not load the required drivers and so on which it doesn't have. To make this work you need to do a In Place/Upgrade install of XP and for that you need the Original Install Disc.

Even then you would need a M$ Branded Install Disc not a System Makers Recovery Disc as that doesn't have what is necessary to load Windows to different Hardware.

If you can find your M$ Install Disc you can use the directions here to upgrade the XP install to work on this NB if there are XP Drivers for all of it's hardware.



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