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$35 Tablet Computer?

By C F USA ·
Ran across this article today and it was an interesting, albeit short, read into what will be the future of technology solutions.

It makes me ponder two points;
- Open source development on a wide scale (not only software). Sharing of ideas and creating a product for the better good of all, not just one group.

- Cost of production. If this in fact going to cost only $35 with the features it claims, why does the Kindle and E-Book readers cost hundreds of dollars

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I've seen that too...

by dawgit In reply to $35 Tablet Computer?

So far what I've read it sounds promising. 'bout time.

edited to add:
Here's another link:

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why do they cost that much?

by jck In reply to $35 Tablet Computer?

Despite years of hardware development already having been paid for times over, Amazon, Apple, et al., will still proclaim costs of R&amp like they are developing the product from scratch every time.

They are driving their bottom line here.

Don't believe it? Go sometime to Asia, and see what you can buy a shirt there for which is the same kind you'd get at Wal-Mart...for about 1/6 the cost.

Consumer products entering USA = immediate 200-500% markup over production/shipping costs.

I tell you. If I had the capital, I could start companies in the poor, rural areas of the USA and make cheap things and put half those foreign companies out of business.

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I think that just about covers it...

by dawgit In reply to why do they cost that muc ...

The Hardware costs, from what I've read. The most expensive being the screen. The interview did say it shouldn't be more than 20$ (US) when it's actually in production run. Remember that all the cheep stuff comes from countries that are in direct competition with India, so India won't get any bargains. As opposed to the US, which is a product end point and no longer a competitor with places like China.
You are correct in that it <i>could be done</i> inexpensively in the US, but manufactures want to make the big $'s by shipping the actual manufacture off-shore.

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Whatever happened to that $200 laptop?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to $35 Tablet Computer?

Anybody remember an article by a TR staffer about her attempts to procure one of the cheapie laptops a spammer was pushing from Eastern Europe? It was back in '07 or '08, but I don't remember who it was. Did she ever get it?

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Now that's a price I'll pay for an internet browsing tool

by Slayer_ In reply to $35 Tablet Computer?

That could easily be used in the crapper.

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Both Hands

by dawgit In reply to Now that's a price I'll p ...

I think you might need both hands to use it.

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Sit down...

by Slayer_ In reply to Both Hands

Sit down to crap... I can't do it standing up, I'm not a horse.

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So cheap because...

by fiosdave In reply to $35 Tablet Computer?

The Indian government is willing to subsidize it at the tune of 50%!

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Even still, its very much worth it

by Slayer_ In reply to So cheap because...

A sub $100 tablet, thats an instant sell with me.

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I'll take one...

by mafergus In reply to So cheap because...

and I'll pay the non-subsidized price and still have change left from a hundred!

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