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3com lan modem windows 2000 environment

By Shanghai Sam ·
Have a small windows 2000 server network with 8 workstations. Using active directory. Static ip adresses. Will switch to dhcp in future using windows 2000 server. Need to share 1 internet connection with lan modem.
Server configuration:
subnet mask is

ip ranges -

Workstation with Lan modem attached:
Currently I have set it up connected to a workstation not attached to the internal network. The static ip address for the workstation is
default gateway
dns server
subnet mask

How do I get the other workstations to share the internet connection on this workstation? I have a crossover cable for the lan modem. I need details, no generalities PLEASE. Thanks.

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3com lan modem windows 2000 environment

by hijukal In reply to 3com lan modem windows 20 ...

Sorry for the generalities, but as I don't know the full details of your configuration it's going to have to be this way.

If the workstations ( is Windows-based but not a server OS (NT4 server, 2000 server etc.) you'll either needProxy software or NAT (Network Address Translation) software.

But, why buy those when Windows 2000 Server already provides both NAT and Proxy services built in? If you can, move the cable modem to the Windows 2000 Server, go into Admin Tools -> Routing and Remote Access. In there you can setup NAT so the Windows 2000 Server does all the hard work directing the other computers to the Internet.

All you'll then need to do is tell the other systems they're permanently connected, the gatewayis the Windows 2000 Server's IP address and the DNS server's IP address. You might want to add your ISP's DNS addresses in too, just in case. Either that, or make the DNS server use your ISP's DNS servers as forwarders.

That should be it. Alternatively, there are some router/switches in the one box you might want to consider. They make it as difficult as plugging in the cables...


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3com lan modem windows 2000 environment

by hijukal In reply to 3com lan modem windows 20 ...

Try here for more help:

There are tons of other guides on the net with this info, try searching at

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