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3Com Super Stack II 100 TX and Cat5e Cab

By computinggrl ·
I'm running a 100-baseT network on cat5 cable using all 3com products and it's currently running fine meaning that all components work on the cat5 cable. We recently built new offices in another location so I opted to install cat5e cable in case I wanted to upgrade to 1000-baseT in the future. Problem is, that when I hook up the equipment to the new cable (using the standard 568A straight-thru for connectors...and which is currently working fine on the cat5 cable) the hub (3Com Super Stack II 100 TX 12 Port) didn't light
up although when I unplugged the cable the Novell network told me I wasn't connected and when I plugged it back in it told me it was connected. I was told that using cat5e was backwards compatible but it doesn't look like my 3com hub will work. Any suggestions?

Thank you for any help you can provide.

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3Com Super Stack II 100 TX and Cat5e Cab

by rogerndgreen In reply to 3Com Super Stack II 100 T ...

Am I correct in reading that you have got a single 12 port hub for both offices?
If so, have you got the cable length between nodes (not counting repeaters) to less than 100m?
Also, has the hub got 10/100 autosensing switched on? I suggest that you lock the ports down to the required speed (10 or 100, half or full duplex) on the hub AND on each PC/server connected to it. Auto-sensing on 3Com kit has been a bit flaky, in my experience, with 3Com kit.
If you have got a 3Com hub in each office, how are you inter-connecting the hubs? If you are trying to connect via front-panel ports (e.g port 1 on each hub) you will need to use a cross-over cable. A straight-thru lead as used to connect a server/PC to a hub will not work.
Any help?Roger

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