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3COM Switch

By alex@2007 ·
Hi guys, hope you well.
Listen i have a little question for you, on my superstack of 3com switches i have only one of the switches that is loosing power to it, i.e the uptime is not the same as the rest, i have been trying to find the cos of it, but honestly no joy.
I have swapped the terminals from one switch to another and the problem followed, the uptime keeps on going down, i wonder could that be a device on the NT that would drop my switch or any help be great!

P.S. i did update firmware to most resent, and im running ups and rest of the stack through AC-filter.

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by Stubby In reply to 3COM Switch

Hmmm..... not much to go on there. It seems that you are contradicting yourself.

Firstly - the power loss. Does it stay with one switch? If yes, then with 3Com SS they are prone to fan failures and it could be an overheating problem. You'll know it is the fan as it will be either very noisy or very warm. The fans are easily picked up from people like Maplins and requires very basic soldering skills to fix.

If you are saying that the fault moves bewteen your switches, then we need more info before making any further diagnosis.

Back to you .....

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by alex@2007 In reply to 3COM Switch

i very much dought that it is a hardware issue, i even checked it, shall i refrase my question, can a terminal bring down a switch for a very small period of time? if not then it is a switch fault?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to 3COM Switch

hope you are well also.
you moved computers from one switch to another and the problem affected the other switch? yes, i'd rule out hardware pretty much at this point.
you have beautiful way to find bad computer giving spam/spyware/bad nic datastorm. take those computers and move then again, just half of them. then take bad half and test half of those and so forth until you locate bad ip device...that is a weird one, yes?

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