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3D issues, jumping polygons

By Raythe2nd ·
Hi, i have troubles with the 3D graphics , the polygons jump when i?m playing a game or using any 3D aplication that requires DirectX, the objects don?t lose shape, but the poligons jump and it?s very anoying, at times it gets so bad that the whole 3D enviorement looks as if there was an earthquake , i?ve tried several combinations, with diferent Windows (98SE,ME,XP PRO), different RAM settings, different Video Cards (with all Drivers aviable) and it always turns out the same , the only 3 things i haven?t changed are the Proc., the Motherboard and the Hard disk.

this are the specs :

MB MSI mod. KT4A (MS-6590) (i?ve already updated the BIOS)

running with an Athlon XP 2000+ (FSB 100-133Mhz, i?ve tried them all)

256-512 MB RAM

Radeon 9200 128MB

Windows XP (i?ve tried 98, 98SE and ME)

I hope someone knows what?s going on cause otherwise i?ll just throw the board and the proc to the garbage and change them for a PIV thing, thanks.

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by CG IT In reply to 3D issues, jumping polygo ...

well it's not your processor or the mainboard that would cause those types of problems. More along the lines of the graphics card, their drivers, and Direct X. Direct X has a test feature where you can test Direct X for any problems. For Windows XP, navigate to: start, programs, system tools, system information. With the system information properties window open, in the upper task bar choose "tools", Direct X diagnostic tool. This will test and verify Direct X.

Further, make sure you have the current version of Direct X from Microsoft Update. In addition, make sure your have the latest XP drivers for your ATI card. ATI had a history of driver problems with Windows and Direct X though in the last year or so they have really come to support their drivers.

Another area is turn off anti-liaising and anistropic filtering if you have that turned on. and run witn 1024X768 or 800X600 resolution and see if that makes your problem go away.

Another aspect is what type of game? MMORPG games like Everquest, Eve Online, and a # of others are server side MMORPG's and what you may be experiencing is , in the game world terms, "lag". Packet lag can cause such problems especially if the server is located in another part of the world.

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by Raythe2nd In reply to

Thanks for answering, i found out what the problem was a day after i posted this question, it turns out the motherboard?s chipset didn?t had the apropiate heatsink so it overheated (specialy using the 8x AGP), and when that happened the system becamed unstable, i turned it down to 4x AGP and it got a lot better, then i got a new bigger heatsink and now there?s no problem at all ^-^

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by Raythe2nd In reply to 3D issues, jumping polygo ...

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