3G modem support for SnapGear products

By Nimmo ·
We want to purchase some 3G dongles which we can plug directly into our clients Snap Gear routers to use in the event of a SHDSL outage but I can't get a definitive answer from anyone, including McAfee as to which device to ask when going to a retail store.

I've found this KB which tells me supported devices

But it's not very helpful though when you enter a store and say to the retailer that you need a 3G modem that is compatible with a Snap Gear unit.

Does anyone know of an exact product whether it be from Telstra, Optus, 3, Vodafone that I can ask for which will be compatible with Snap Gears.

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Well according to the link that you provided

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to 3G modem support for Snap ...

This should be OK. Most Sierra Wireless devices should work

As most of the ones supplied by both Optus & Telstra are these you should be OK with them.


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by Nimmo In reply to Well according to the lin ...

We had a Telstra Turbo dongle but it wasn't compatible, so I'm not too keen on sending someone into a retail store and grabbing anything.

I've spoken to our account manager at Pacnet and found they sell the Huawei device which he says is compatible so I'm going to pinch one off him so I can test and confirm it works.


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That would be the better way to go here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to 3G

But as I didn't know that you had an Account Manager I was a bit loathe to suggest it. But if your staff use USB Dongles for WiFi 3G Access when not in the office you could swipe one of them and try as well.


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3G dongles

by Nimmo In reply to That would be the better ...

Yeah we have Vodafone ones here in the office but they too aren't any good, anyway hopefully this one works. I'll post the make/model if it does work so others who may need to find a 3G modem that supports Linux embedded routers will have something to try out.


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