3rd Party AC Adapter Won't Charge Dell Inspiron 1501 Battery

By fuzz1303 ·
My original Dell ac charger died several weeks ago on me. I purchased a ridiculously overpriced universal charger at walmart but then found a much cheaper specific charger on ebay from a 3rd party company. When using the universal charger, my battery would charge, though with the new charger it will not. When plugged in the laptop runs but begins with an error stating it doesn't recognize the charger. After telling it to proceed it boots and runs just fine, but will not charge the battery ever. My question is, can I configure something to let my laptop identify the charger and accept a charge to the battery? If so how? Thank you in Advance.

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You get what you pay for <NT>

by .Martin. In reply to 3rd Party AC Adapter Won' ...
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Now that you've spent lots of money....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to 3rd Party AC Adapter Won' ...

.... kick yourself in the back side for not buying the correct adapter from DELL. In addition, you've probably voided any warranty that was still left. So, there's no hope of a free replacement.

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Old and Worn

by fuzz1303 In reply to Now that you've spent lot ...

The laptop has no remaining warranty, and by no means would I have found myself paying dell the amount of money they want for a replacement adapter; it just isn't worth it. I assume by your answer there either isn't a way to get my computer to recognize the charger, or you are unaware of one as well? Thanks For the Help.

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Same Boat - Different Leak

by In reply to 3rd Party AC Adapter Won' ...

I'm really interested in this because I have a Dell Inspiron XPS (m140) and I had the same problem. My original adapter (which by the way I had them replace right before my warranty expired) all of the sudden stopped being recognized about two months ago. Then it altogether died and wouldn't even power the laptop.

I ALSO bought a walmart universal (which didn't charge the battery but WOULD power the laptop) and was disappointed so I returned it and bought a cheap 25 dollar third-party power supply. Oddly enough, this one (which was NOT a dell power supply) WAS recognized and powered my laptop and charged the battery, but only for about 2 weeks. It has recently stopped charging but will power the laptop. What's going on with these things?

I've heard answers from "You're screwed" to murmurings of a factory defect that was being replaced for free - though I suspect the person who posted that just didn't realize they were under warranty and dell pretty much just automatically replaces anything you have a problem with on your laptop.

If ANYONE knows what's going on I'd love to hear it. I'm so screwed right now because I'm super broke and buying a new laptop or repeatedly going through power supplies is not really an option.

Any help at all would be appreciated, thanks!

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Same boat, same leak

by In reply to Same Boat - Different Lea ...

I bought a Targus universal charger that worked for a couple of months, now the computer will not recognize the charger. A couple of other sites have suggested that it may be a loose plug. But those fixes haven't solved the problem. It could be the dc power socket is loose or broken--doesn't appear to be damaged on my machine.

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Try this site out for your adapter....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to 3rd Party AC Adapter Won' ...
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product lock in.

by DHCDBD In reply to Try this site out for you ...

Dell uses sensors in their computers and power adapters. If it is not a Dell adapter, it will run the NB but not charge the battery.

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