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    3rd World I.T


    by bryanmuts2000 ·

    I am a techpro in a 3rd world (4th world maybe) country, Zimbabwe to be specific . Now it’s well documented that development in Zim is at a stand still. Now what bothers me is that despite the knowledge that I have in I.T, I wouldn’t know how much, but I have seen other pro’s from other countries asking relatively easy questions yet they have higher positions and a better paycheck.

    I.T in 3rd world countries is not developing at all and when an I.T pro tries to go elsewhere there are all these restrictions inspite of having better knowledge.

    There is no help from outside when you are in I.T in a 3rd world country. To add to this situation many undeserving people end up at the top in 3rd world I.T departments because of nepotism and corruption.

    What does one have to do to really develop their career in 3rd world I.T? I have worked in various industries in Zimbabwe but I am deeply dismayed with the state of affairs in I.T. I want a balance between career development and a good paycheck but it seems the more I try this i just cant climb the ladder.

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      by bryanmuts2000 ·

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      See there is no-one interested. Just proves my point.

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        RE: Proves my point

        by didikai ·

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        I would be interested in hearing a specific report on the state of IT in 3rd World countries. There are a multitude of factors – including how things get done in your part of the world – the determine how well you are progressing in your career.

        Look at your opportunities from two perspectives: what do they have and what do they need.

        Compare that with what YOU have and what YOU need. In Brazil, data recovery specialists may only get $10 USD for recovering lost data. In the US, the same job might get thousands of dollars. It all depends on perceived needs.

        Find out what is most needed and match your skills to that. Being just another system administrator (or programmer or tech) is not meeting your needs. Find something unique, that you do better than anyone else, and promote that.

        My area of expertise is computer crime investigations and forensic examinations. How many people in your contry are doing that? Is computer crime a problem? If there is a great need, then someone should fill it.

        Good luck.

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        Well I was

        by the ‘g-man.’ ·

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        then I saw your response to your own post.

        Now I’m not.

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        Perhaps its because

        by jamesrl ·

        In reply to PROVES MY POINT

        We in the “first” world haven’t had anything like that kind of experience and can’t offer any guidance other than move.

        I’ve never had to deal with nepotism or government corruption. What could I say that would help.


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      by the ‘g-man.’ ·

      In reply to 3rd World I.T

      “but I have seen other pro’s from other countries asking relatively easy questions yet they have higher positions and a better paycheck”

      That goes on in all the ‘world’
      You (yes you) also decided to work there!

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