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3rp Party FTP Software VS XP Pro VPN Setup

By Cudmasters Los ·
There is a company that hosts space. You can log into the ftp website thru a 3rd party ftp software with no problem, and transfer files. However i do not want to install the software on my TS 2008. How can a 3rd party software make a connection,transfer files, but me setting up a vpn in xp not work. Or it can and i am doing it wrong, if so, could somebody show me how to do it. I have created a new connection using the vpn connection, put in the host site, username and pass. NO GO. This is the website, with the directions under this question

Can I upload / download my files using an FTP client? How to configure my FTP client?



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Not sure they are related...

by Kingbackwards In reply to 3rp Party FTP Software VS ...

First of all being able to use an FTP application and connecting to a VPN rarely have anything to do with each other unless you're having connectivity issues due to the VPN breaking your DNS look-up for the FTP host or you need to access the FTP through the VPN. Neither of which sound like what you are trying to do.

Most VPN's require some software to achieve the connection, so you need to speak with whomever you're attempting to connect with to provide you with credentials and the application.

Windows explorer supports the FTP protocol, but only with defaults as far as I know. If you need to deviate, download or use one from the drivehq.com recommendations. I recommend either WinSCP or Filezilla, both are free.

There are some java or web-based FTP clients that require no install, but usually aren't as reliable or functional.

So to answer your direct questions:
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, you use the application to understand the "protocol" so you can send files back and forth. Given that, yes you can download and upload files.

But you need the following information to connect to an ftp:
1.The URL, ie the server. So ftp://somesite.com/yourFtpFolder
2.The Port number, default is 21
3.The proper user name
4.The correct password

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by Cudmasters Los In reply to Not sure they are related ...

I used filezila to connect before i wrote this post and connected with no problem. I do have the username and password. i want to move one of my people to my server, but they offload files to that host. I dont want to install a third party software to my TS. I see in internet options, on the connections tab, if you add a vpn connection, you then have the option to use a prozy server in which you can enter a ftp site. I thought i could connect this way. The reason is because using filezila, all i did was enter the host, username password and port and it knew what folder to take me too which was a subfolder, i know this because the ftp software they were using before had that folder entered in manually. I didn't do that with filezilla, how did it know wher to go. I would like to connect her to this ftp site thru my server, just not with a 3rd party software. when i enter in the site using windows explorer, it will give me the user name and password but wont open? Thanks

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by Kingbackwards In reply to Filezila

Ok, the VPN/Proxy stuff, wont work. What those settings are for, is if you need to virtually access a secondary network and then relay all your connections through a secondary service, usually on the secondary network.

So if you specify the ftp server proxy. When you make an ftp connection, it sends all the information to the proxy and then the proxy makes the requests to the FTP server you wanted to connect to, and then proxy sends you the servers response. The proxy (as the name indicates) is doing all of this on your behalf and relaying whats happening back to you.

In FTP Servers you can specify a "home folder" so whenever a particular user logs in, it will redirect them from the root directory to a new location. And/or specify a "virtual" root directory, so they think they are at the top level but really are just at the top-most folder of their account.

Windows Explorer only uses the most basic/default settings for FTP, therefore its not very robust. And possibly why its not connecting. If you really want to try to get it working, you're gonna need to try connecting using this method:

Or contact drivehq.com support.

And as I said before there are java and flash based FTP clients. Here is one example:

Also if you user uses firefox there is an add on that is an ftp client:

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Great Explanation

by Cudmasters Los In reply to Options...

Thanks for that.Great explanation. I could have swore i responded to you, guess it didn't take. I will have to call them, don't want third party running on the TS, or what are your thougts about that?

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Why do you want to work from the server?

by NexS In reply to Great Explanation

That's where I'm confused.

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by Kingbackwards In reply to Great Explanation

If the customer is only using that one single site and ftp account. Then yeah explorer will do what they need.

However, if they have multiple ftp accounts or services they use. A third part ftp client is recommended. because you can put all the logins into it and keep them sorted and easily selectable. And from there share (import/export) them to different machines or user accounts.

Where as with Explorer if they do a system clean up or try to migrate their save settings, it will be nothing but a hassle.

Third party ftp application are really no less secure or complicated than explorer.

And they are just clients, not ftp servers. They are establishing the connection, so there very little security risk there.

They only connect to the server they are requesting data from and part of the ftp protocol (and any decent ftp service) will auto disconnect an idle client after a time. So they wont be connected to anything even if they leave application open.

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by Cudmasters Los In reply to Depends

They will connect for hippa laws, more secure, no infor left on computer, info on server in locked up enviroment.

I have tried to connect using explorer and upload, but no luck, can only download the files.

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by Kingbackwards In reply to HIPPA Laws

You can set it so that it doesn't store any data locally through those clients also.

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