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4 month old computer, HDD isnt detected

By azthegame ·
I bought a barebone kit for someone and gave them a new computer. Windows XP Home

This maybe was 4 months ago, he calls me saying it is taking 10 minutes to boot up, and I am going insane because it took 20 seconds or so to boot up when I gave it to them, I get to his house, it sits there auto-detecting the different IDE's

Primary Master: HDD
Primary Slave: undetected
Secondary Master: CDROM
Secondary Slave: undetected

it takes 40+ seconds to just do that, and then it goes to the next screen and says "HDD error"

I went into BIOS and made it boot from CD first, and had the XP disk in there and was going to reformat and reinstall XP, but it couldnt because it said HDD not detected... I am stumped at this because it is only 4 months old! I asked them, do you move the PC a lot? They said yes, and I was thinking it could be the HDD was shaken up and isnt reading well anymore, when I booted it up it was louder than I expected, and after a minute or 2 it got quiet... please help!

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by valis In reply to 4 month old computer, HDD ...

double check those hard drives, break the comp open and make sure the heatsink is on tight, and all connectors are tight.

if they've bumped it enough to mess up a hard drive, only recourse is a new one

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by azthegame In reply to

I made sure the connections were tight, the heat sink is on good, I put my older comp next to it and tried to read the HDD of it with the cables on the new comp, and it doesnt load either... so it must not be the HDD at fault eh? hmm...

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by service In reply to 4 month old computer, HDD ...

Make sure your connections are all seated. It is possible you have a bad interface. Try disconnecting your cd-rom and connect your HD to the secondary (make sure you change primary setting and remove cd in boot sequence).

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by khappe In reply to 4 month old computer, HDD ...

1. Double check the jumper settings on the HDD and CDROM, improper jumper setting can make it not see the HDD or CDrom
2. If at all possible check the disk, if you can slave it into another computer and see if you can run a disk scan on it.
3.When you boot with the XP cd, can you get to the repair console, if so run chkdsk, from the prompt...see #2 ^
4. One more thing, if data is not important, see if you can get a copy of gwscan or similar software. This can check the integrity of a drive and also write zeros to the drive.

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