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#4 - not so essential

By timgesner ·
I recently read that #4 MS Security Essentials, didn't pass some recent "certification" tests, and that it was more effective keeping a clean system clean, than anything else and miserable at cleaning an already corrupt system. Anyone else hear something similar? I've heard AVG 2013 is way better for a free antivirus.

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Well in my experience AVG is the worst ever

by Slayer_ In reply to #4 - not so essential

So far, every severely ruined system I have seen has had AVG.

My girlfriend called last week, a virus infected her, and it deleted AVG.

Around 2006 I got horribly infected with AVG installed. AVG could not find the infection.
So I installed an ancient version of Norton 2002, no updates or anything. And it right away started finding viruses in system restore and such. Still couldn't cure it, but it was finding things. Eventually AVG decided to try and quarantine a virus that was already in Norton quarantine and Norton stomped out AVG and quarantined the whole of AVG's EXEs.

A year ago I would have said use Avira. As far as I know it is still a solid virus scanner but I now dislike how viral it itself acts. For example it can somehow set permissions on its install folder that even an administrator can't change. It creates hidden super user accounts to do this. It also likes to spawn its own EXEs and is some serious nagware now.

Security essentials is supposed to be good for Vista and up when combined with UAC set to max.
For XP machines, I still suggest Avira or Kaspersky.

They are all lousy at removing threats,they mostly just tell you your infected, but can't do anything about it.
Malwarebytes, spybot S&D, spywareblaster, etc. are all good tools, get them all. spybots teatimer has saved my butt many times prior to UAC.

And remember, if UAC is not set to max, then turn it off, at Win7's default setting its useless. You can easily find code on the internet to make a program that can elevate itself using basic windows APIs when UAC is at its default setting.

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