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40 years of Star Trek

By Ed Woychowsky ·
Forty years ago the first episode of Star Trek, "The Man Trap", was broadcast at 8:00 PM on NBC (yes, Trivia Geek, I know that it was the sixth episode filmed). Oddly enough I still remember watching it even though I was a few month short of five. Since then Star Trek has become part of our culture, with everyone understanding the phrase ?Beam me up, Scotty.?

Does anyone else have any Star Trek memories?

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The first thing that come to mind

by jdclyde In reply to 40 years of Star Trek

is all the hot alien women in the skimpy cloths! WOW!

The next memory gets derailed and distorted by Jim Carry in "Cable guy". :0

The next is a skit from I MADTV where it has the crew as OLD! McCoy is a skelleton off to the side and says "damnit jim! I'm a corps, not a doctor!"

Ok, back on track. Name is Mud. To leave that poor guy with androids of his wife is just crual! even back then, I laughed!

Am I the only one that hated the first movie?

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Old Trek joke :)

by TonytheTiger In reply to 40 years of Star Trek

How are the U.S.S. Enterprise and toilet paper alike?





They both orbit Uranus searching for klingons.

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oh, I just know

by jdclyde In reply to Old Trek joke :)

that you DIDN'T say that! I just KNOW IT! :0

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I still remember a couple of things...

by TonytheTiger In reply to oh, I just know

from Jr. High :)

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the thing I am not sure of

by jdclyde In reply to I still remember a couple ...

when I finally was old enough to watch this, just how many times it had gone through the series.

three times? Four times?

After all, this DID start two years before I was BORN. Funny, it never SEEMED like such an old show when I watched it? Some things are timeless?

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