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    423 pin board to 478 pin CPU


    by piraterx7 ·

    I’m building An ASUS P4T-CM 423 pin 1.7 MHZ motherboard; I want to put a 478 pin CPU with an adapter. It’s a 400 FSB.
    I want to know if it’s OK for this boaRD TO have the 478 pin CPU first?
    And would it matter if the 478 pin had a 533 FSB or does it have to be 400 FSB only?

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      Reply To: 423 pin board to 478 pin CPU

      by thechas ·

      In reply to 423 pin board to 478 pin CPU

      Thought 1, how well do you trust the adapter board vendor?
      If you don’t trust the adapter board vendor, then don’t do it.

      Thought 2:
      The Asus motherboard is going to have problems recognizing a 478 pin CPU. Asus would have no reason to include socket 478 CPU ID numbers in a socket 423 BIOS.
      At a minimum, you will likely need to override the default BIOS settings for CPU speed and multiplier along with possibly having to set the CPU core voltage manually.

      Yes, you will need to limit yourself to Front Side Bus speeds supported by the Asus motherboard. Running a CPU at a slower FSB greatly reduces any performance benefit of the faster CPU.
      Further, some CPUs will not function properly if you underclock them.

      Personally, I would not mess with this kind of setup.
      Looking at you can get a new socket 478 motherboard for as little as $20 (US).

      On a practice basis, you are only going to get a small percentage of the performance available from a socket 478 CPU when used with an adapter.
      You will not get the benefits of the expanded bus structure.

      Since all you can effectively do with this upgrade is increase the system speed, keep in mind that doubling the CPU speed results in at best a 25% increase in overall performance.


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      Reply To: 423 pin board to 478 pin CPU

      by wlbowers ·

      In reply to 423 pin board to 478 pin CPU

      Did you make a bet with someone or are you the kind that hates to have some one tell you you can’t do that.

      You can buy a 478 motherboard for $20.00 to $50.00 depending on the brand.

      It ain’t worth the trouble.


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      Reply To: 423 pin board to 478 pin CPU

      by piraterx7 ·

      In reply to 423 pin board to 478 pin CPU

      I had read these answers a few days ago. I realized it would be to much work for the benefit. So I already bought a 423 pin 1.7 processor with 400 FSB for this board. THey work fine although their hard to find.
      Thanks for the help. I just love to see the result of hands on work, but I ask or find out if it’s possible before I try to push to the limit.

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