4G Broadband cuts out when pinging servers of game server browser

By AceGoat ·
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I am having an issue with my EE 4G WiFi I use due to Fibre Optic not being in my area.

I play two games that use Server Browsers where the game will ping hundreds of servers and make a list for me to pick which one I want to join, only issue is that quite often it’ll cause my internet to crash and not work until I restart it, the games are Assetto Corsa Competizione and DCS World.

I stopped using the 4G Modem EE provided to me as it wasn’t great, I now use the Billion 4500NZ BiPAC Router which gives me much better download/upload speeds.

I did call EE about my issue and they suggested I have them install an external 4G antenna on my property which will cost me £100, but they aren’t sure if that’ll solve my issue or not. So I’m hoping if you guys could help me out on ways I could solve this or if the 4G external antenna would actually help me.

Thank you.
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Re: antenna

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to 4G Broadband cuts out whe ...

You don't write if this already happened with the old modem provided by EE or if it only started to malfunction when you started using the new router. Kind of strange, by the way, since you can't replace a modem by a router. Those are different things, although they often are combined in one case.

See if you can ask for a no-cure-no-pay solution from EE.
Also ask the owners of the Server Browsers if they know the issue, and if there's an option in their settings to ping less servers at the same time.

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by AceGoat In reply to Re: antenna

Once I get home later on I will give the old EE Router a try, I didn’t play these games when I use to use the EE one so I’m not sure if the problem persists with it. Will let you know once I’ve tried it

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Here's the truth.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to 4G Broadband cuts out whe ...

Wireless Internet is just hit and miss. For those that need an Internet connection that is close to the nine nines for now, today, you get cable, DSL or what is offered that is wired.

While there are wireless offerings, NOT ONE has approached the uptime of wired offerings.

And yes, you will find variations from router to router be it wired, wireless or fiber.

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