4GB SDHC Cards . . .

By Who Am I Really ·
anyone have a decent explanation for this:

every SD Card & various Flash Drives I have use the entire space on the chip(s) in them
for the "partition"

however, every one of my SDHC cards don't use the entire space,
disk management reports that they all have a 4MB unallocated space at the beginning of the "drive",
is there any particular reason for this ripping me off of with unallocated space?

Is it safe to blast the partition and replace it with one that spans the entirety of the SDHC card or will that kill it? (x_x)

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That would be your EFI partition

by robo_dev In reply to 4GB SDHC Cards . . .

it's there to make it easier to make the device bootable. No harm in killing it.


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4MB unallocated, not a 4MB partition . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to That would be your EFI pa ...

layout is:

the 4MB is unallocated space,
and too small to create a partition on it,
min. partition size is 8MB


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Like the E drive

by Michael Jay In reply to 4MB unallocated, not a 4M ...

cool name, must be where you keep all the secret squirrel stuff.

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I had to resort to doing that . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to Like the E drive

that's where all files appear and disappear from "Area 51"

and because my backup program (BESR 6.52)
chokes on NTFS junction points so I can't put them on the C (the only thing backed up by BESR)

I mount all my drives in one location
(the small NTFS drive Area 51)
and share out that location
by using "mount in NTFS folder" to mount entire drives, I have the closest possible equivalent to the old style DOS / win9x sharing.

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Windows may see it as unallocated

by seanferd In reply to 4MB unallocated, not a 4M ...

even if it is a valid partition. It just isn't a Windows partition. Windows can "recognize" (unknown!) some partitions (but not access them), but it cannot recognize some others.

Just a possibility.

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I have not seen unknown

by Michael Jay In reply to Windows may see it as una ...

partitions show as other than unknown, unallocated usually seems to mean there really is nothing there.

I would just wack the whole thing and format and see what happens.

Also all the SDHC memory I have used only have one partition, no unallocated space, and I use a bunch with my cameras.

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depends on the rest of the system drives. . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to I have not seen unknown

and the card reader

as to whether it shows the unallocated space or not

I have on my main works station several 1TB drives and a 1.5TB drive
and a USB Card reader

the Same SDHC card doesn't show the unallocated space on this system

as it does when attached to the system with the 120GB HDD
through the integrated SD card reader on the notebook which is directly connected to the PCMCIA bus

the main workstation won't show the 1MB unallocated at the end of some of my e-SATA 500GB disks but when attached to the e-SATA controller of a system with smaller internal drives all of a sudden this 1MB unallocated appears

it has something to do with the calculations used to size the representation of the drive in disk management

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I would guess

by Michael Jay In reply to depends on the rest of th ...

because I really do not know, that it has to do with the addressing scheme of the system involved.

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Not really much of a "rip off"

by jaymzkerten In reply to 4GB SDHC Cards . . .

4MB is very minimal. Sure it is space that is going unused, but when you are comparing it to the size of the card itself (4GB), you are really going through the trouble to gain 0.1% additional space.

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not trouble to me . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to Not really much of a "rip ...

I've been around since the days when a 20MB HDD was a big deal and any amount of space lost is space lost regardless of the percentage

it's bad enough that some time back when the 2GB HDD was king that the various HDD Mfg. got greedy and flipped the number scheme
from binary to decimal
- a 360KB floppy formats to 365KB usable space
- a 720KB floppy formats to 730KB
- a 1.2MB floppy formats to 1.21MB
- a 1.44MB floppy formats to 1.457MB
- an 80MB HDD formats to 84MB
- a 234MB HDD formats to 245MB
- a 250MB HDD formats to 262MB
- a 400MB HDD formats to 420MB
- etc.

but, a 4GB HDD is actually only a 3.69GB HDD
and a 320GB HDD is actually only a 298GB HDD

So I tend to get a bit choked when winders won't use the entire space of an HDD whether it be 2GB - 2TB in size

I usually set them up externally first so that I can test first and so that winders won't leave the 7MB for dynamic disk conversion off at the end of the disk because an external can't be a dynamic disk only basic

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