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    5 Biggest Trends of Mobile App Development 2017


    by aporter910 ·

    There are certain discussions that i’ve seen arise on this forum, and I thought I would have my input into what I believe to be the biggest influencers of mobile app development that is set for the next couple of years. I work for a company called as an app developer, so I feel that my insight could be quite valued

    1 – Wearable devices such as the iPhone Apple watch are massively changing the app development game

    2 – M-Commerce is overtaking E-Commerce, so capitalisation on the app front is huge

    3 – Smart objects have been introduced into the mainstream market – apps to control them are going to have to be accounted for

    4 – UX design – creating with the user in mind and the increased expectation of speedy navigation is being taken into account

    5 – motion sensors and data analysis – using location sensors to collect data on the demographics of your users – this will help to create a more tailored experience.

    Combined, all of these factors compliment each other and show that consumer behaviour and technology go hand in hand, we have to follow and interpret the right kind of applications in order to have the right balance between a successful app and a happy user.

    App developers just need to be conscientious of the expectation of high quality, fast loading applications. Also, its important to note that the most successful apps are useful to everyday life, if they serve a purpose, rather than as a novelty, then then they are going to be more durable and successful.

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