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5 different computers shows Netword cable unplug

By Tscs ·
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It started last friday with a call from a client that one of the computers on the network cannot connect because the system thinks that it is not connected to the network cable unplugged. not a problem I went and checked the system and it was not so the cable was plugged into the switch along with 2 other systems they were fine I checked the system hard ware it checked out but to save time I installed a PCI ethernet card and plugged in the cable system came up and all was fine. On Tuesday I got another call from the same client with another computer with the same problem I allpied the same fix and all was good today I got another call from the same client 2 other computers are doing the same thing this time different brand computer does anyone know of a worm that will disable the network connection and give the error cable unplug preventing network access. and what I could to correct it?

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We had the same issue

by IC-IT In reply to 5 different computers sho ...

with an early batch of HP dc5100 's
After installing the NIC, the next day the onboard NIC worked.
It turned out they needed a BIOS update.

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These are HP's

by Tscs In reply to We had the same issue

I just made a call to the client to check the model number of these system because they are HP computers I will get back to you shortly

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What's the OS in use here?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to 5 different computers sho ...

If it's some form of Windows where the recent Updates applied just before this started happening?


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Windows XP service pack 3

by Tscs In reply to What's the OS in use here ...

Windows Xp SRV P 3
you know that is possible I will go and check

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