5 usb's one of them is "enhanced" how can I tell which one?

By DanaNicole76 ·
I have looked in my device manager and found that ONE of my 5 USB hook ups are "enhanced or high speed"
My device manager is very vague as to where it is located and I need it for certain things (such as loading my MP3 player or transfering images from my camera)

Here is what my Device MAnager says for location:
"PCI bus 0, device 4, function 1"
I have NO CLUE what that means in terms of which one is which.

Is there a way short of pulling all of them out of my computer and looking at what is written on them?

It's driving me crazy. Please oh please can you help me.

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"PCI bus 0, device 4, function 1" is a controller, NOT a USB port ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to 5 usb's one of them is "e ...

Usb ports are listed with Hub-xxxx & Port-xxxx details.

I think you are looking at an enhanced USB controller - it controls ALL your USB ports.

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This may give you a better understanding

by Jacky Howe In reply to 5 usb's one of them is "e ...
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very helpful but

by DanaNicole76 In reply to This may give you a bette ...

it didn't seem to answer my question (which I most likely didn't word right).

I have 7 total USB ports. One is built in with my card reader, two on the bottom front panel and four in the back.

When I plug into some of them my computer asks me some stupid question about why I don't plug it into the high speed one.
But WHICH ONE IS THE HIGH SPEED ONE?!?! is what I scream back at my computer with little or no response.

Any ideas on this?

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by Jacky Howe In reply to very helpful but

I don't think that screaming at will help with the problem but it may make you feel better.

The four in the back should definately be USB 2 and for that matter so should the front ones.

I can't say for sure what causes this problem. It could be from other drivers that have been installed, Windows Updates or just a glitch. If this doesn't fix it update your Chipset drivers.

Unplug any USB devices from your computer with the exception of your keyboard and mouse if they are connected to USB.

Press the WinKey + r, type devmgmt.msc and press enter

Scroll down until you see the + sign for ?Universal Serial Bus controllers.? Click the + sign and to expand it. Locate ?USB Enhanced? controller and right click and select ?uninstall.?

You will get a warning sign. Click OK.

Restart the System so it will redetect the Device.

If you look at the Taskbar it will display that it found new Hardware and is installing the Device Drivers.

Connect your USB Device and see if the problem is solved.

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Enhanced USB Controller is driver not physical PORT

by BizIntelligence In reply to 5 usb's one of them is "e ...

There are 5 USBs in Device Manager and one of them is enhanced. Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller a kind of logical port and indeed it a Windows driver which basically drives USB 2.0 enabled devices on all the USB ports. If you look at your PC hardware then you must have only 4 USB ports (I am not counting front panel USB ports) not 5.

Also, If you have read USB FAQ article mentioned by Jacky Howe then following section explains why do you need that Enhanced Driver:
"Do I need to install drivers for my enhanced (USB 2.0) host controller?"

If you want to test this logic then you must disable other USB ports in Device Manager except the enhanced one.

You can do that as per following:

Device Manager > Select USB controller > Right Click on it > Click Disable

Once four USB controller are disabled then connect the device to each USB port one by one. You will see all of them should work. As it will be using Enhanced USB Controller. But if you disable Enhanced USB Controllerdriver and enable all other USB Controller then Windows XP displays an Warning saying

"This device can perform faster.if you plug it to a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port"

So if you are getting above message then your Enhanced USB controller is corrupted or missing or not enabled for that particular USB port.

Enhanced USB controller make each USB port USB 2.0 compatible (if it is not). So it is a driver not a PHYSICAL port.

If you want USB errors not to be displayed then
Go to Device Manager > Right Click on any USB controller > Click Properties > Click Advanced > <b> TICK "DONT TELL ME ABOUT USB ERRORS" </b>> Click OK

Good Luck...!

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