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5 Years Civilian/5 Years Military Experience

By rtetzlaff ·
Prior to 9/11 I had a thriving and successful career as a Network Engineer / IT manager. When 9/11 occurred I felt the need to use my skills and experience to help out, by joining the Navy. In my 4 years in the military I have been over to the Persian Gulf for three, 6 month tours. I will be getting back out into the civilian sector in January 2007. My question is... Where do I fit in the corporate world after being military for the past 5 years?

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Defense Contractors

by TheChas In reply to 5 Years Civilian/5 Years ...

With your honorable discharge, you have an "in" for getting a job at most defense contractors.

It's not an automatic "you're hired", but you will be ahead of other equally qualified candidates.


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by rtetzlaff In reply to Defense Contractors

Thanks for the input Chas, I have thought about the government sector but I am still leaning toward going back to the civilian world. My Secret clearance could play a big part in government as well, so I have alot of thinking to do.

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times are changing

by Black Panther In reply to 5 Years Civilian/5 Years ...

The 'imaginery' gap between the utilisation of skills in the Defence force and the civilian world is constantly diminishing.

Use your Military experience to your advantage not disadvantage. In some areas of IT the Defence Department is actually ahead in technology not behind.

There is also a lot of ex service personnel happily working away in civilian life ( although I also found it hard to believe years ago when I was leaving the Defence Department ).

good luck!

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by rtetzlaff In reply to times are changing

Thanks for the input. It will definetly be a challenge on catching up to "new technology" the military isn't exactly up on the times. I am finishing up my MCSE 2003 and will hopefully have my CSSP by the time I get out. I have the luxury of being on a small 30 person special warfare craft in which I alone am incharge of the ships network. I was able to upgrade to Server 2003, Exchange 2003 and SQL. So I guess thats better than some other ships that are still running NT 4. Thanks agin for the reply.

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by NDCold1 In reply to 5 Years Civilian/5 Years ...

I myself am in the same situation but the diference is that I only have what the military gave me four years of network experience (I was a construction worker before.). I have posted resumes everywhere and have gotten alot of responses. Play your clearance although a secret isnt much by military standards its alot less that a prospective company has to pay for TS and most only want a secret anyway. along with that you have probably been through a supervisory course so now your looking at management positions. along with any courses that you have taken while in the military add up so your sitting pretty in the end. put your resume everywhere you can and see what happens. thats my veiw on it.

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by rtetzlaff In reply to goodluck

Thanks Cold,
Good Luck with your job search. I will be outting my resumes out in about 6months, hope everything goes well.

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