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50% of online transactions aborted

By shiny_topadm ·
I read in the news that a new study says that half of all online purchases are abandoned instead of completed and they attribute that to slow-loading pages. From my personal experience, I think another significant contributing factor is the number of web-shopping sites that don't give you the final purchase price until you are in the 'check-out' sequence!! If the price is too high or not what I expected, that's when I bail. Others, too, I bet. What are your experiences?

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by generalist In reply to 50% of online transaction ...

When I'm shopping via the web, I'm fairly flexible on price because it is usually my store of last resort. If I can't find it in a brick-and-mortar because it is no longer carried, I'll hit the web.

Still, I too prefer to see the final purchase price before I reach the checkout stand. Ideally, the order summary should be available in a popup window I can check without going too deep. After all, there are times when my budget is limited and I want to spend to a limit.

If I don't know the final price fairly early in the game, I'm likely to underspend my budget by a margin of 25% or higher. But if the prices, and grand totals were easy to find, I am more likely to overspend by a few dollars since I'm 'really close' to my budget limit.

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