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50 points to best person to help my netw

By ab2hu ·
I am trying to set up a network of 2 home computers. Both have Windows 98 on them, and I have 2 network cards. They are both capable of 10BaseT and 10Base2 setup. My question is that if there are only two computers, is a hub required??? Whatsteps should I take to make this whole thing work??? I would like access to computer ports, drives, etc... from either computer. Also, which link is better??? Best answer gets the points. Thanks!

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50 points to best person to help my netw

by McKayTech In reply to 50 points to best person ...

For just two computers, you don't need a hub. You can either use an RJ45 (Cat5) cross-over cable or you can use RG-58/u coax cable with a tee and terminator on each end. There is no real functional difference in speed or immunity to interference, but the RJ45 modular cables are easier to work with.
And probably cheaper.

Once the cable is installed, you just have to install the drivers for the network cards and decide on a protocol. For the type of network you describe, I would use NetBeuias the protocol because it is, for the most part, self-configuring.

Then, go to Control Panel-Network, enable file and printer sharing on both computers and you should then be able to see both computers in Network Neighborhood. To share a particular resource, just right-click, choose Sharing and set the parameters.

One note - you will be able to share parallel printers and files, but you will not be able to share serial ports (like modems) without special software.



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50 points to best person to help my netw

by ab2hu In reply to 50 points to best person ...

I have easy access to 10Base2 wire and connectors, so I will try it that way. Thanks!

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