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50,000,000+ Downloads of Firefox

By skontos ·
A better, more meaningful statistic would be the number of people who have actually installed the program. Even better, what percentage of users on The Net, right now, are using Mozilla Firefox?

My experience so far is that downloads work annoyingly differently in Firefox. Specifically, they will not open in a new window. This works fine in Internet Explorer: A Word doc or PDF file open with Word or Acrobat respectively in a new window.

The other thing I see that is different is how referenced cascading style sheets (CSS) are interpreted.

Firefox may handle CSS better than IE, but it's still different and this is going to drive web developers nutty.

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by smithrichardch In reply to 50,000,000+ Downloads of ...

Firefox has a much better system than IE, but I do agree that sometimes the CSS can be very annoyed when your desgin a web page or trying to open a PDF file.

I like using Firefox but I do go back to IE as it looks clean without any ad-ware on it.

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Diferences? I wonder why....

by Soeki In reply to 50,000,000+ Downloads of ...

Could it be because microsoft products
more-than-less aren't in compliance with W3C Standards?(to name just one)

and that MS has done thigs they way they
wanted all the time.

Get a site coded for Netscape and use
ANY other well known Browser and i bet you'll
se they are very similar, if not equal.

IE 6.x is done for

Lets wait for the next IE to show up...
One thing to note is that the "namely" IE 7
was suposed to be released with Longhorn, yet
now you see all these news about they releasing
it before... makes me think.

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