506e pix external IP not coming through

By linuxsoontobe ·
I am currently having some problems with my Cisco pix firewall 506e. Everything was running fine. I have NAT setup to do the resolution from external IP's to internal IP's. I ran these commands to do the resolution:

access-list outsideinbound permit tcp any host [externalIP] eq 8080

static (inside,outside) tcp [externalIP] 8080 [internalIP] 8080 netmask 0 0

access-list outsideinbound permit tcp any host [externalIP] eq smtp

static (inside,outside) tcp [externalIP] smtp [internalIP] smtp netmask 0 0

I am using a non-standard port to access my websever/mailserver and such. Everything was working fine. My DNS properly routes to the externalIP for my website/mailserver. And the day before I was able to use the http://FQDN:8080 to access my websever/mailserver. Then the next day it just stopped working I can't access my webmail/server using http://FQDN:8080 FQDN:25 (for my email client) , immediatley I thought it was my DNS, but I checked and it was not. To be sure I tried connecting using just the external IP and THAT DIDN'T WORK EITHER!!! e.g. : http://[externalIP]:8080 [externalIP]:25 . PLEASE NOTE using the internalIP's work. the ODD THING is that gmail and other webservers are able to still send mail to me. I checked an online tool that checks for open ports and all the ports say are open, yet I cannot connect using the IP address. This is very perplexing because the day before everything was working. Please help!!!!!!!

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